O’Sea Foot Gel – Fresh




Suitable for: Feet that perspire / tired heavy legs

O’Sea Foot Gel Fresh

(direct replacement for Sixtus (Sixtus no longer available in the UK))

The Fresh Foot Gel/Balm is great to help control foot perspiration, which can lead to feet slipping within shoes, blisters, foot odour and fungal infections.  Helps relieve heavy tired legs too.  Great for anyone who does not like the feel of cream on their feet.

  • Peppermint & Eucalyptus: Cooling & refreshing properties

Directions: Massage a 1 pence piece size amount, until fully absorbed, into each clean foot at the start or end of your day – to help with perspiration and heat/tiredness respectively.  Massage half a walnut size amount into each leg – to relieve heat and tiredness.