Hard Skin Remover


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Gentle Yet Effective Hard Skin Remover

The Sixtus Hard Skin Remover is brilliant at gently removing and reducing the hard skin on your feet.  Can be used on areas that other rasps, graters or emery style ones cannot, such as tips of toes and around the toe nails.  Pressure can be changed depending on how much hard skin needs to be reduced/removed and it can get into the cracks that you may have on your heels.

Unlike other style hard skin removers you will get warning that it needs to be changed as the Sixtus Hard Skin Remover grinds down to nothing, it doesn’t just suddenly stop working one day.


Directions for Use:

Soak your feet for a couple of minutes in the bath or a bowl of warm water along with the Sixtus Hard Skin Remover.  Pat one foot so that it is damp, not wet and pat the hard skin remover to remove excess water.  Then rub it into the areas you need the hard skin to be reduced.  Do the same with the other foot.  To clean the hard skin remover you will need to hold it under a tap and with the spatula provided scrape off the hard skin build up on each side.  This MUST be done after every use or it cannot work effectively.

For Excessive Hard Skin – Use once to twice weekly until the hard skin has reduced enough, then use once a fortnight until results improve, then once every three to four weeks.   Follow with a rich foot cream.

For Normal Hard Skin – Use once or twice a month and follow with a rich foot cream.