At Swinford Beauty Barn we use Jan Marini Cosmeceutical products.  Jan Marini is an American company that has been working for decades to produce reliable products that dramatically improve the condition of people’s skin.

What are Cosmeceutical Facial and Products?

There are 3 grades of facial products:
1# Cosmetic
These products are most commonly found in high street shops and salons.  Cosmetic products treat the superficial layers of the skin (the surface).  These products are perfectly good for your skin but can sometimes stop the skin from functioning properly for itself if too thick or unnecessary products are used.  If you have problematic skin, cosmetic products can only treat the problems at the surface.  You need to treat the problem before it gets to the surface to have a better and more long term result.
2# Cosmeceutical
These products can be found in beauty salons (including Swinford Beauty Barn) and more commonly in skin clinics, which are usually doctor or nurse led.  Cosmeceutical products treat the skin on the surface and just below, working on the layers between the dermis and the epidermis.  They can help problems the skin may have before they get to the surface, lessening the effect those problems would normally create.  They have no adverse effect to the skin.  Products are only chosen and used that the skin needs, not just because they smell nice or have a luxurious texture.  For people who suffer with their skin, Cosmeceutical is a much more effective road to go down, as the results are visible and long term.
3# Pharmaceutical
These products need a prescription from your doctor or dermatologist to be used and are usually very aggressive.  They treat skin problems at the cause.  They can clear up skin problems but may also have adverse effects on the skin and cause ‘down time’.  You may not be able to stay on certain pharmaceutical treatments long term as they are so aggressive.
Cosmeceutical Treatments
Anyone can have a cosmeceutical facial or use cosmeceutical products and get great results, they are not just for people with skin problems.  As cosmeceutical products work deeper than the surface you tend to see more noticeable results immediately, with the effects lasting longer then previous cosmetic facials you may have had.
Ultimately the type of facial and product from Jan Marini will be advised by us, as each product and treatment should be ‘prescribed’ to suit the individual, not just chosen because of it’s description.  However please read through the treatments available to familiarise yourself with what we have to offer.  A thorough skin consultation for new facial clients will be given prior to treatment to determine your expectations and how we can achieve them for you.  At home maintenance products will be advised to you so you may be able to continue the good work when you leave the salon keeping you on the right track to achieving a better quality of skin.
Please note: We may take before and after pictures for you to be able to see the results and for future reference.  Your photo’s will not be  viewed by anyone else other than yourselves and Swinford Beauty Barn staff.  They will not be published or shown to anyone else unless you have given your written permission and they will not be used for any other purposes other than reference for our own and yours.