January 2022 Round Up & Update

As January draws to a close, we have updates to fill you in on. From COVID restrictions, product sale, re-introduction of treatments, to new treatments, you can catch up with everything below.

COVID Restrictions

Whilst the government has lifted restrictions across the country, we, who are performing close contact services, will not be lifting our face coverings policy just yet. Those who wish to have treatments with us and visit our salon must still wear either a face mask or visor (if appropriate to the treatment – visors are not suitable for eyebrow shapes for example, and therefore a face mask must be worn). With cases still going up and down and up again, we want to ensure we do as much as we can to avoid having to isolate and cancel appointments due to catching COVID ourselves. You must also continue to not attend your appointment if you have tested positive for COVID (following the governments guidelines on isolation time frames), if you have any COVID symptoms, or if you have been told to isolate.

COVID Cancellations

Since October 2021 we have experienced and continue to experience many last minute cancellations due to people catching COVID themselves, or having to look after family members who have. This is another uncertain period we have entered into, which is completely out of anyone’s control. To try to recoup losses from cancellations we will be posting our availability on our social media accounts as and when they occur. So keep your eyes peeled for any slots that come up that you couldn’t get in for otherwise.

Re-introduction of Treatments

Since COVID turned our lives upside down, we have taken lots of steps to ensure we minimise the risk of catching and spreading the virus. One of which was to suspend any treatment that requires you to remove your mask. We are now taking the tentative steps to re-introduce some of these treatments, on a trial basis. From Tuesday 15th February we will be re-introducing our lip, chin and sides of face waxing treatments. Clients must arrive with their masks on, only removing them for the treatment to be carried out. If this does not cause too many disruptions, we will start to re-introduce more of our suspended treatments.

New Treatments – KB Pro Microblading Ombre Brows

Last year I undertook training with KB Pro to become a Microblading Ombre Artist, adding to my Microblading Brow Artist qualification from 2017. I wanted to gain lots of experience in the realism technique of microblading before moving onto the make-up effect of powder brows, otherwise known as Ombre brows, and so four years and lots of experience later I can now offer both realistic hair stroke brows and made-up, Ombre, powder brows – Hayley

Click HERE for more details.

Chelsea Beautique Brow Sale

Since training in microblading, filling in people’s brows semi-permanently, we no longer use as much of our Chelsea Brow Powders, a powder make-up for the eyebrows. We have decided to sell off the stock we have left, which includes full kits with powder, stencils, tweezers and travel case; single powders; stencil packs; tweezers. Click HERE (singular kit items coming 11th February 2022) to be taken straight to our Chelsea Beautique Brow Shop to grab yourself an absolute bargin!