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An Almost 1:2 Ration of Proteins to Conditioners

Developed for hard, dry or ridged nails and especially toe nails.  Formula 3 is also ideal for post-menopausal nails which can often be dry and brittle.

The higher concentration of conditioners helps to soften the nails so that they become more supple so that they have ‘give’ in them.  When you have hard nails, if you catch them, they will just rip right off taking not only the free edge but very often the nail attached to the nail bed.  This is extremely painful and harmful as it can lead to bacteria and fungus getting into the exposed nail bed.  If there is a way to slightly soften these nails so that they do have ‘give’, so that if they get caught the ‘give’ allows the nail to rip or split at the free edge only then most people would welcome this.  Well there is a way with the Formula 3!

Usually hard, ridged and brittle nails occur because of ill health, medication or previous injury/damage.  There isn’t a great deal you can do to prevent these factors but you can now change the state of your nail, after the fact, with the Formula 3.

  • Can be used as a base coat  as long as the polish is removed before the next application


Directions for Use:

Apply a thin coat to your nail 3 times a week, remembering to remove the build up before the next weeks application with a non-acetone nail polish remover.


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