Foot Deodorant – Extra Fungicide *New Size/New Price*


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Keep Athletes Foot at Bay

The Sixtus Anti-Fungicidal Foot Deodorant is great for keeping athletes foot at bay for those who are prone.  Not only does it contain anti-fungicides to fight the infection but it also has a deodorising benefit to help control the smell Athletes Foot often brings.  To be used in the morning before you put your shoes on, before you go to bed and if your feet feel hot and clamy during the day, helping combat the conditions the fungus loves so much.  May also be sprayed into your shoes to help the environment your feet will be put into.

Size: 100ml

NB – This product is no substitute for pharmeceutical products you may obtain from the doctors.  If you have a severe fungal infection you should seek the advice of your GP.  This product is solely to keep at bay fungal infections you may be prone to and not a ‘cure’.  With severe fungal infections it may be necessary to throw some of your shoes away as they may have turned into a breeding ground for the infection.