Nailtiques Announcement Tuesday 4th August 2020.

As some of you will know, we have had great difficulty in getting hold of Nailtiques products since the beginning of last year. We have now had word from our own suppliers to tell us, that due to Nailtiques failure to respond to countless communications, their non fullfillment of orders and their apparent closure of business (to all but America), they have given up on ever resuming Nailtiques orders. This sadly means that effectively, Nailtiques no longer exists (at least in the UK), and we won’t be able to provide their products in our treatments or for home use.

Relpacement Product.

I have worked with Nailtiques since around 2002 and in the years before and since, I have never come across any products that remotely compare to Nailtiques Protein Formulas and their Cuticle & Skin Gel. As a result, we sadly cannot provide you all with a suitable alternative. Although this is very disappointing, we would rather provide you with no alternative, than one that fails to meet the standard we expect of a product, and that you expect from us. Rest assured that we will be searching for an alternative product, and we really hope that we will find one that comes close to Nailtiques, but this may take some time. Fingers crossed we will once again proide you with fantastic nail strengthening treatments that actually work. Until then, here are some tips to help you will your nails – Hayley, Owner.

Nails that tear, flake, bend, look transparent or don’t grow:

  • work out at what length your nails tear, flake or start to bend too much.
  • don’t allow your nails to get that long in the first place – if you don’t allow the weakness to start, your nails WILL get stronger.
  • if you see any flaking, gently buff off (in one direction only, using a soft grit file) any flakes that appear on the nail, then file or cut your nails down.
  • wear disposable gloves whenever you have your hands in hot/warm water (with the exception of showering, bathing etc), chemicals or if you are gardening.
  • moisturise your hands and nails well with a hand cream and/or cuticle oil (you can just use vegetable oil from the kitchen cupboards), but make sure to massage the product in well to nourish the skin and cuticles and to promote blood flow.

Nails that are hard, brittle and snap:

  • don’t allow your nails to get too long, you are much more likely to have a nail snap off if it is longer.
  • moisturise your nails regularly to try to soften them.
  • drink plenty of water.

Regular Manicures:

  • as beauty therapists, we can correct the length and shape of your nails to promote healthier growth.
  • we can thoroughly tidy your cuticles, that if not properly cared for can stretch up your nail as it grows, stretching the skin below the cuticle eventually leading to hang nails and painful splitting skin.
  • we can investigate the cause of your nail issues and give you appropriate advice on how to improve their condition.