On this page we will give you more information on who Microblading is suitable for and links to our very own pictures, so that you can see some of the results for yourself.  These pictures are of clients Hayley has provided treatment on, they show you the clients immediately before their treatment and after the healing process has completed, to show you the true healed result and have not be retouched or enhanced in anyway.  Should you have any further questions or if you would like to book in for treatment, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.

Can anyone have this treatment?

  • NO, some medical conditions and medications contraindicate the treatment.  If you have any medical conditions, allergies, if you are taking any medications and/or supplements or if you are pregnant or breast feeding please contact us first before booking a treatment to check your suitability.


Is the treatment suitable for everyone who is not contraindicated to the treatment?


  • We will be unable to treat people, at present, with complete brow hair loss due to alopecia and/or cancer treatments.  This is because treating a skin with no hair is more complex and would be a higher skilled treatment.  We would need to have the Elite qualification to be able to treat you.  This is something Hayley will be working towards but this is not expected for another couple of years.  We will let you know as soon as this highly advanced treatment becomes available.
  • Your skin type, condition, and oil level will effect the result you can expect to achieve.  To manage your expectations of the treatment please contact us before booking to access your suitability, as very oily skins, for example, may not end up with crisp, fine hair strokes but rather slightly more blurred hair strokes.  This may not be an issue at all but we highly recommend contacting us first for a chat.


What happens in the treatment?

  • The treatment starts off with a consultation, which can be done at the same time as the treatment* or separately, to assess your suitability to have the treatment and also to gain as much information from you as possible to create the best possible brows for you, managing your expectations of the end result.
  • Then we match the pigment to your underlying skin tone.
  • We then draw on hair strokes to your brow with a brow pencil, this allows you to see the finished result before it becomes semi-permanent.
  • Once we have finished these steps it’s time for the semi-permanent treatment to start.
  • This procedure involves breaking the skin, creating a channel, whilst simultaneously implanting semi-permanent pigment into the skin to create hair like strokes of colour in the brow area.

*only if you are an existing Swinford Beauty Barn client and we hold up to date medical information on you and you have been seen by Hayley in a previous treatment.


What happens after the treatment?


  • The after care is very strict and must be followed to the letter.  More detailed after care is available on request but the simple fact is you must not let ANYTHING touch your brows for 10 – 14 days after the treatment!  It’s that simple.


  • Your treatment consists of two parts; the first is your first microblading procedure, the second is your retouch.  The retouch is a follow up appointment 4 – 6 weeks after the initial treatment.  You must attend a follow up appointment regardless of whether you need any additional work to your brows.  Not all hairs strokes can take in the first treatment, they will be re-done at this follow up appointment to finish your treatment off.


  • At the end of the healing process you will come back in for us to take the true result after pictures.  This can be done at your re-touch appointment should you not require any more work done or after the next 4 – 6 weeks healing process after your re-touch.


How long does Microblading last for?

  • The treatment can last 9 – 18 months depending on your skin type.  Usually if you have an oily skin you would expect the results to fade a little more quickly.  All skin types, 9 – 18 months after treatment, will need a ‘Colour Boost’ to top up or refresh the effect if you wish to ‘keep up appearances’.


What happens after 9 – 18 months?

  • Should you wish to keep up the microblading effect please re-book with us to perform a ‘Colour Boost’.  This is where we top up the colour that has faded giving you defined brows once more.  A colour boost can only be performed if we provided the original treatment and if there is still colour left in the brow revealing a reasonable shape.  Should the effect have faded out completely we would need to perform a treatment from scratch.


A note from our head therapist and KB Pro Microblading Brow Artist Hayley:

‘I have done a lot of eyebrow corrections over the years where I have seen clients who, for whatever reason, have over plucked, un-natural shaped eyebrows.  With the tools that I had we would try to allow the hairs to re-grow using a leave, tint and shape process with regular visits to the salon to try to correct the shape.  In some cases clients hairs would re-grow and regain their natural shape, but in the majority of cases the hair was just too far gone to re-grow.  This would mean that these clients could never have the natural shape brows they should have.  Using pencils, powders and gels can be effective but something you would have to do every day to cover up the ‘mistakes’, these can be time consuming and difficult if you cannot see well or just can’t get the hang of using the cover up tools.  I have tried other semi-permanent brow treatments which require regular salon visits (of four weekly), with no home maintenance but these proved unsuccesful.  Microblading allows me to give the client their eyebrows back and after a process of around 12 weeks they can enjoy their new brows for around 9 – 18 months before a colour boost is needed.  It is also a fantastic treatment if you want to ‘tweek’ your own naturally good shape to make it more defined and fuller.’


Microblading Treatment includes:

  • Consultation
  • Pigment matching
  • Brow artistry
  • Microblading procedure
  • Follow up retouch 4 – 6 weeks later
  • Final true healed result after pictures

£250 until end March 2018. !Prices Frozen!

Partial treatments available, price upon consultation.

£50 deposit required to secure your booking, which is put towards the cost of the treatment.

***A further £25 is payable at the end of your first treatment, this is held as a deposit and paid back to you when you return for your final healed pictures which are an insurance requirement***


Colour Boost Treatment (9 – 18 months later) includes:

  • Consultation
  • Microblading prodecure
  • Follow up retouch 4 – 6 weeks later
  • Final true healed result after pictures

£175 (based on full treatment price of £250).

Partial treatment colour boost price upon consultation.

£50 deposit required to secure your booking, which is put towards the cost of the treatment.

***A further £25 is payable at the end of your first treatment, this is held as a deposit and paid back to you when you return for your final healed pictures which are an insurance requirement***


Click HERE to see real before and after pictures of clients we have treated.

Important note: We require all our microblading clients to participate in before and after photos.  These are for insurance and marketing purposes.  Only your eyes (which may be closed) and brows will be in shot and never your full face unless you give us express permission.  By having a microblading treatment with us you are agreeing that your before and after pictures may be used for marketing purposes (your name will never be used, unless you give us permission).