KB Pro Microblading Training: The information you should really find out from anyone microblading your brows.

Hayley, our head therapist and KB Pro Microblading Brow Artist, provides KB Pro Microblading at her Oxfordshire salon, Swinford Beauty Barn, for anyone who has just less than perfect brows and let’s face it, that’s most of us!  She trained with KB Pro between March 2017 and the end of September 2017 when she qualified as a KB Pro Microblading Brow Artist.  Her six month training consisted of:

Online Theoretical Training and Assessments

  • Microblading history
  • Skin types
  • Contraindications
  • Pre-treatment advice and knowledge
  • After care
  • Skin anatomy
  • Infection control
  • Pigments

Training at the KB Pro Headquarters – Part One

  • In-depth theory
  • Learning how to use the microblading tool
  • Practicing using the tool on silicone sheets
  • Drawing of hair strokes to create a complete brow from scratch
  • Learning and drawing directional changes of hair growth within the brow
  • Microblading hair strokes to create a brow using the hand tool on silicone sheets


  • Hair stroke drawing on at least 12 case study clients with different face shapes, skin tone, hair colour and brow shapes
  • More online learning and assessments

Training at the KB Pro Headquarters – Part Two

  • In-depth pigment knowledge
  • Microblading hand tool practice on fruit to simulate different skin textures and types
  • Microblading full treatment on real life clients

Homework/Case Studies

  • 12 (at least) full Microblading treatments on real life clients, assessed thoroughly by KB Pro trainers
  • 6 (at least) retouch treatments on real life clients, assessed thoroughly by KB Pro trainers
  • Further online learning and assessments

Final Exam and Assessment at KB Pro Training Academy

  • Exam testing all knowledge of the training
  • One full Microblading treatment on a real life client in front of a KB Pro trainer

NOT a two day course where you receive a certificate at the end of the second day allowing you to treat clients immediately with barely any practice! Yes, that really does happen!!!

During the case studies process Hayley has provided treatments to a variety of clients with different amounts of hair/hair loss in the brow area.  The range of which has gone from a client suffering partial hair loss due to alopecia and clients who have over plucked their brows almost to nothing, to clients who have the odd gap in their brows which requires filling to make them perfect and clients that wish to ‘tweek’ their shapes due to natural thinness and/or unsymmetrical brows.

A note from our head therapist and KB Pro Microblading Brow Artist Hayley:

‘I have done a lot of eyebrow corrections over the years where I have seen clients who, for whatever reason, have over plucked, unnaturally shaped eyebrows.  With the tools that I had we would try to allow the hairs to re-grow using a leave, tint and shape process with regular visits to the salon to try to correct the shape.  In some cases clients hairs would re-grow and regain their natural shape, but in the majority of cases the hair was just too far gone to re-grow.  This would mean that these clients could never have the naturally shaped brows they should have.  Using pencils, powders and gels can be effective but something you would have to do every day to cover up the ‘mistakes’, these can be time consuming and difficult if you cannot see well or just can’t get the hang of using them.  I have tried other semi-permanent brow treatments which require regular salon visits (of every four weeks approximately), with no home maintenance but these proved unsuccessful.  Microblading allows me to give the client their eyebrows back and after a process of around 12 weeks they can enjoy their new brows for around 9 – 18 months before a colour boost is needed.  It is also a fantastic treatment if you want to ‘tweek’ your own naturally good shape to make it more defined and fuller.’

Now to see the finished article…..click here for our client before and after pictures.