KB Pro Microblading

Oxfordshire based Microblading at Swinford Beauty Barn with KB Pro since 2017.

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a form of semi-permanent make-up or tattooing that uses a hand held tool rather than a digital machine to create hair strokes and make-up effects in the brow area.

Microblading can produce different looks including a semi-permanent make-up look, however our KB Pro Microblading training has focused on REALISM and not make-up.  Realism concentrates on giving the brow hair strokes rather than an ombre, fusion or powdered effect.  The point of realism is to replace hair strokes that are no longer or have never been in the brow.  To give you a fuller, thicker but natural looking result, to give the appearance of hair rather than make-up or a tattoo.

We will, in the future, be providing a make-up look with our KB Pro Microblading after further training but for now we are providing KB Pro Microblading Realism, for a natural look that suits all ages.

What’s KB Pro Microblading and why should I chose this brand?

KB Pro provides outstanding levels of training that takes approximately six months to complete the Artistry course, not two days like some.  This training is accredited by professional bodies within the beauty industry.

It comes courtesy of renowned semi-permanent make-up artist Karen Betts, a leader and pioneer of the field, who regularly treats clients that have more medical needs.  For example, the aesthetic ‘correction’ of cleft lips, brows for clients with total hair loss due to alopecia and cancer treatment, aesthetic ‘correction’ of providing an areolar to clients who have had breast surgery. Take a look for yourself at www.karenbetts.com

The levels of infection control are second to none (our Oxfordshire based salon received very high praise at our environmental health inspection, we demonstrated to the environmental health inspector levels of hygiene and infection control they had not seen before).

KB Pro Realism focuses on randomness not uniformity.  With KB Pro we learn to create hair strokes that replicate the natural hair, which does not follow a uniform pattern.  As our natural brows do not follow a uniform pattern, so the hair strokes you add by way of microblading should not either.  This helps us to achieve to the most natural hair like finish.

Also, KB Pro emphasise that the before and after pictures should show the finished healed result.  Many social media pictures promoting microblading show you a very good before treatment photo and a very good after photo, but the after photo shows you the effect immediately after treatment, this does not show you the true finished result, the result you will end up with.  The reason KB Pro emphasise this is as follows: To get the true after result of a microblading treatment your skin needs to go through a healing process, superficially and deeper down.  Once the skin has finished its’ healing process, your brows will not look the same as they did immediately after the treatment.  They will be softer and lighter and this healed result is what you will be left with until they are due to be redone.  This is the result you need to see when thinking about having a microblading treatment, the result you are going to be left with, not the one that only lasts a couple of weeks.  Some providers will explain that the end result will be lighter and softer but how are you supposed to imagine what that will look like?  We, at Swinford Beauty Barn, believe you should be shown it!  Some people may also be put off by these immediate ‘after’ treatment pictures for two reasons:

  1. The immediate result can look quite bold on some people and if you want something natural and all you can see is bold you’re not going to want the treatment……..but if you are shown how natural the treatment will look you won’t be put off.
  2. The opposite scenario can also happen on people who are wanting a very bold look.  They will see the immediate after photos and think that is what their own brows will look like but, after the healing process softens and lightens the brows, the finished result will not be anywhere near as bold as they wanted leaving them disappointed.

At Swinford Beauty Barn we take the guess work out of microblading and show you what you should be shown, the true, finished, healed result.  What you see with our pictures is what you get!

KB Pro Microblading Brow Artists, like us, will also draw in hair strokes with an eyebrow pencil before we start using the microblading tool, so that you will see what your brows will actually look like after the treatment and not just an outline, leaving you to try to guess the final result.

Now you’ve had the overview click here to get the important detail, you’ll need to read this if you would like to make a treatment booking or a consultation.