Coronavirus – Salon Closure Update

Sunday 24th May 2020 (1.10pm)

We have been a little quiet in the last few weeks, due to the fact that after the ‘Stay Alert’ announcement, we knew that beauty salons would probably be one of the last services to resume trading in their usual way. However, we are hoping that we will be able to open at the start of August!!!

We will not be taking bookings just yet, as we don’t want to have to cancel more people, but we will contact you all when we have a clearer idea of exactly when we can open.


Our web hosting has been updated, so you will now notice the padlock in the address bar. This is a very exciting addition to us, as it shows to people who don’t know us, that this is a genuine website that can be ordered from with complete peace of mind (those of you who know us will have had that confidence in us anyway). As a result we are going to make the most (as much as we can) of our online shop, particularly whilst the salon itself is closed.

Tuesday (26th May), will see our first post showcasing our online shop in it’s new format, and we endeavour to post once a week to show you what we have to offer.

Reminder of measures we may have to take once we are allowed to open again:

  • We will open with one member of staff only each day, to limit the amount of people in the salon at any time.
  • We will add an even bigger gap (than we do already) in between clients, so that we only have one client in the salon at a time. This will also give us enough time to clean after every single client.
  • Clients must enter the salon unaccompanied, unless you are a minor.
  • We may ask you to wait in your car or outside the salon (if you have walked or taken the bus) until we are ready to receive you.
  • We will have anti-bacterial gel inside the front door and you must use it as soon as you enter, before going to wash your hands next.
  • We will ask you to bring in and wear a face mask (we can provide one if you do not have one), putting it on before you enter the salon, or as soon as you enter if you do not have your own.
  • We may, unfortunately, not be allowed to provide any refreshments in the salon, until such a time doing so would be safe.
  • We may have to restrict the type of treatment we can provide to start with. For example, as you will be required to wear a face mask we may be unable to provide treatments such as waxing of upper lips, chin and sides of face, along with facials and facial massage. We may also be unable to provide manicures due to the possibility of you touching your face during treatment.

We know that some of that sounds a bit heavy, but potentially those measures may be the only way we are allowed to open, and their only purpose is to keep us all as safe as possible, as social distancing is completely impossible in a beauty salon.

Unfortunately our gift vouchers will remain unavailable and this is why: Although the revenue from gift vouchers purchased now sounds like a fab idea, once we open to nowhere near the capacity we did before, if the vouchers are redeemed during this lower capacity period, we will not be receiving any revenue from the treatments we are providing, and therefore we will be unable to meet our financial obligations. Some hairdressers across Europe (that have been allowed to open) are already experiencing this. This does not stop you from using a gift voucher that has already been purchased, but we will be in touch with everyone who has one, to give you details of how and when you can redeem them – don’t panic!

Thank you so much to all our lovely clients who have sent us well wishes and support, it really means a lot. We hope to bring you happier news in the not so distant future. Stay safe and hopefully we will see you all very soon.

Best wishes, Hayley & Melissa 🙂