Although we are not a big named store/salon we do provide a beauty points scheme just like the big names do.  However, we say thank you for EVERY penny you spend with us not every full pound like the others do!

Our beauty points scheme is there to thank you for your custom and the many ways you may help spread the name of our salon and services.  Just like the big names our beauty points are accumulated to be put towards future treatments, gift vouchers or products.

*** You can now top up your balance without having to spend a single penny, click HERE for more details ***

How it Works:

Collecting Points
Every £0.01 you spend earns you 0.01 Swinford Beauty Barn Beauty Points (£1.00 = 1 point).

We will keep you updated with your points balance so that when you have enough to put towards and individual treatment, product or gift voucher it will be your choice to spend them there and then, or keep totting them up to a larger amount.  Some people like to take them off as and when during their regular visits, others like to save them up for something really indulgent!

Spending Your Points
You must have enough to pay for an individual treatment, gift voucher or product.  If you have more then one treatment, gift voucher or product in a transaction your points must cover at least one item in full.  1 Swinford Beauty Barn Beauty Point is equal to £0.02.

Exclusions & Terms

  • Beauty points cannot be gained when redeeming a gift voucher.
  • Beauty points cannot be used as part-payment of an individual item.
  • Beauty points have no cash value.
  • Beauty points cannot be transferred to someone else.
  • No change will be given if there is a balance left on the voucher, balances will roll over to the next use.
  • £0.01 spent = 0.01 points gained
  • 1 point = £0.02